Future Projects

Future Project of FGEHA

An advertisement regarding Expression of Interest for joint venture with private sector for launching of new housing schemes in all provincial capitals and major cities of Pakistan, was floated in the national dailies i.e. The Daily Jang and The Dawn on June 28th 2018

The aforementioned Committee conducted the meeting by opening the 13 proposals submitted by the 09 firms/ companies/ individuals, in response to the aforementioned advertisement, in the presence of representatives of the firms/ companies/ individuals

A meeting of Task Force constituted by the Honorable Prime Minister on construction of 5 million affordable housing was held on 31.12.2018 in the Prime Minister Secretariat under the chairmanship of Prime Minister of Pakistan.

The advertisement published in newspapers for EOI for “Naya Pakistan Housing Program”. The bids received in Housing Authority are in total 88 bids/proposals from 39 bidders, furthermore it is informed that consultant has been engaged for scrutiny, evaluation etc of bids to avoid complications at later stage. The Technical Advisor for this purpose M/s NESPAK has been engaged as per PPRA Rules and has had a meeting with the Consultant M/s NESPAK wherein detail discussion was held especially about the bids received from the individuals / companies / consortium and that all the bids submitted by 41-Companies /individuals have broadly been examined and it has been transpired that almost none of the bid is supported with geo-tech surveys, details design/drawings which was otherwise mentioned in the Expression of Interest. Therefore it has been agreed that first three parameters as reproduced below will be taken in hand by the consultant.

a.    Evaluation of land being offered is in compact piece and free from all encumbrances and shall cross examine cost evaluation and title of land.

b.    Determination of status of access to the project site.

c.    Examining of status of utilities, water, gas, electricity sewerage disposal.

                                A meeting by the Technical Advisor reviewed the proposals/bids received conforming these three parameters will be forwarded to the consultant and that M/s NESPAK has assured that checking of these three parameters will be completed within 45 days. M/s NESPAK will furnish recommendations about these parameters and only those bidders will be requested to furnish detail design/drawings, cost estimate etc whose proposals fulfill the requirements, set forth for the purpose.


The Plot Survey No.CL-16 (Old S.No.G-7/5), CL-17/1 (Old S.No.G-7/5) and CL-17/3 (Old S.No.G-7/6-B), Civil Lines Quarter Karachi, now known as Carlton Hotel, situated near Cantt. Railway Station, Karachi, measuring 3.149 acres of Land, is owned by the Pak PWD, under the administrative control of Ministry of Housing and Works Islamabad.

While FGE Housing Authority taken over the possession of Carlton Hotel on 02nd February, 2017 the worthy Director General took distinctive initiative to write letters ascertaining present situation to the following quarters ;

o   The Chief Secretary, Sindh, Karachi.

o   The IGP, Sindh, Karachi.

o   The DG Rangers, Sindh, Karachi.

The Project Director FGEHF, Karachi, also took initiative and confirmed from Deputy Commissioner, South, Karachi, to verify the legality of Bus Stand established at Carlton Hotel Site, vide letter No. PD/ HF/ Carlton Hotel/ JV dated 08-03-2017. Subsequently, a detailed report has been submitted from the concerned Mukhtiarkar, Civil Lines Sub-Division, South, Karachi, to The Assistant Commissioner, Civil Lines, Sub-Division, South, Karachi, vide letter No. MUKH/ S.DIV C.LINES/ SOUTH/164 dated 06-04-2017, wherein the plea taken by the FGEHF has been confirmed about the illegality of the Bus Stand.

The above referred letter was forwarded through Assistant Commissioner, Civil Lines, Sub-Division, South Karachi to The Additional Deputy Commissioner-II, South Karachi vide letter No.AC/CIVIL LINES/S/258/2017, dated 07-04-2017, subsequently forwarded by the Additional Deputy Commissioner-II, South, Karachi, to the Project Director FGEHF, Karachi, vide letter No.SOUTH/RB/1984/2017, dated 13-04-2017.

All of the above referred letters were also provided to the Legal Counsel defending FGEHF before the High Court of Sindh, whereas he is confident that on the basis of such worthy correspondence with the quarters concerned and its ensuing acknowledgements the encroachers may be comfortably ejected from the suit property.

Carlton Hotel matter was fixed for hearing and filing of revenue record on 12.09.2018.

That lastly the matter was fixed for hearing of all pending applications including the stay application on 15.01.2019, but the same was discharged due to the paucity of time. Now today i.e., 17.01.2019 during, telephonic conversation with the associate of Mr.Faisal Siddiqui, ASC, I have been informed that the instant matter is fixed for hearing of all pending applications along with other suits i.e. Suit No.432/2009 on 07.02.2019.