Our Objective

To initiate launch, sponsor, and implement Housing Schemes for Federal Government Employees and other specified groups on an ownership basis in Islamabad, the Provincial Capitals, and other major cities of Pakistan.

Federal Secretary H&W

World Bank estimates on housing in Pakistan; that around 47 % of urban households live in informal settlements (katchi abadis) with limited access to civic infrastructure and sanitary services. The immediate public health costs, and long-term social capital costs, of nearly half the city living in squatter settlements, are staggering. Further, the total national housing deficit is estimated at over 10 million units, and this gap increases by 350,000 units every year with the incremental deficit expected to rise to 400,000 units per annum in the near future.

Naya Pakistan Housing Program (NPHP), is one of the most ambitious and laudable policy initiatives that any government has ever conceived. The government’s housing policy is a combination of the NPHP and the State Bank of Pakistan’s “Policy for Promotion of Low-Cost Housing Finance.” The NPHP is essentially supposed to serve as a policy framework that articulates and tackles the overall challenge, of substantially reducing Pakistan’s housing deficit as per the vision of the Prime Minister.

Among many factors that prevent safe and secure shelter for Pakistanis is the architecture of the existing real estate market — it is a market that actively excludes middle- and low-income groups, and extracts great profits from those who can afford to be fleeced. The promise of the NPHP is that it can substantially break the hold of this engineered market failure — in part, by delivering a massive number of new housing units to the market at low & affordable cost. The erstwhile FG Employees Housing Foundation has been established as Federal Government Employees Housing Authority through Ordinance promulgated on 12th July, 2019 by the President. Federal Government Employees Housing Authority is responsible for planning and development of affordable housing projects for serving and retired Federal Government employees and other specified groups, across the country in all major urban areas. With the status of authority, it will now be in a projection to execute projects on fast track basis to achieve the vision of Prime Minister for 5 million houses.

Director General’s Message

The Federal Government has taken major initiatives to provide shelter in the form of plots and apartments for Federal Government Employees. Since its inception in 1989, the Authority has provided shelter, in the form of houses and developed plots, to more than 22000 Federal Government Employees. FGE Housing Authority plans to initiate new projects, to fulfill the needs of its registered members around 200,000. Further, to the PM’s vision/initiative of the Housing Programs, FGEHA is embarking on new projects in all the major cities on a Joint Venture basis with Private Sector and Provincial Government, in various, major cities across the country.