Procedure for Possession


The Procedure and Legal requirements of the Possession attached with your letter are required by Assistant Director (Estate-II) as stated in your letter.

Building Control Section, Planning Wing duties in the Possession cases start after the owner is called for Physical Possession of the plot. The procedure for the same is as under:

I. Owner is called upon by the Assistant Director Estate for the Online Verification and Physical Possession of the plot.

II.  After the online verification from the admitting section, the file is sent to Building control Section with all the dues cleared from accounts section and having no court case against plot as confirmed by the Law Section. Following documents are attached with the file:

a) Attested Copy of Transfer Letter

b) Attested Copy of Transfer Certificate

c) An Undertaking that owner will not litigate the matter regarding unavailability of any utility’s provision around or in the vicinity and he/she shall not connect the sewerage line with sectoral line till the completion of sewerage treatment Plant or connection of the sectoral line with the main sewer.

d) Undertaking of General Rule of attorney on Special Power of attorney (if required).

III. Possession letter is prepared, owner signs the possession letter and surveyor hands over the physical possession of the plot.

IV.  Assistant Director (BCS) shall signs and issues the possession letter, with permission of Dy. Director (BCS).

Note: Building control Section shall Complete the process on same day. If due to any reason the process is delayed, confirmation/clearance from the Law Wing is sought again.