Director (Security)
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Functions of Security Wing


Beside numerous minor anti -encroachment operations in commercial and residential areas of G13 and G14, the security/anti – encroachment wing in collaboration with Land wing launched 5 major operations out of which 3 operations were fully successful while in 2 operations partial success was achieved.

Enhancement of Security in Residential Areas

Previously there were two motorbikes and one vehicle was being used for patrolling of residential areas. The number of bikes have been increased to 5 and vehicles to 2 which has yielded positive results as the number of thefts and dacoity cases have been reduced to almost nil particularly since last 1.5 months.

Action Against stray Dogs.

Decimation of stray dogs is a continuous process as both residential sectors are open from all sides. During a period of 6 months 370 dogs have been killed and disposed of properly.

Action Against grazing Animals

Entry of grazing animals from nearby villages in residential sectors was a major irritant for the residents of sector G13 and G14.Due to increase in Patrolling this irritant has been controlled effectively through impounding animals and imposing fines.

Beefing up of Security

The security condition prevailing in residential sectors is beefed up through hiring of private security providers for effective patrolling and vigilance. Previously the number of security guards in FGEHA security wing was 55, now with the addition of private security guards the number has increased to 75

Provision of Security to Satellite Stations

The satellite stations of FGEHA where various ongoing infrastructure development projects are under operation are also given security 24/7 through active and vigilant security personals to Sky Gardens, 508 Kanals chaklala Scheme 3.

Head Office

Installation of new surveillance system to effectively cover the Head Office from outside/inside. Plan has been approved and the work is under process.

Installation of CCTV Surveillance Cameras

For increasing the surveillance and current security situation, 2 meetings with Safe City Authority and officials of Security Wing have been held in Safe City Headquarter and Security/Anti-Encroachment office for the installation and integration of the system, and a formal request has been sent to DG, Safe City Islamabad for further development.

Deep Well boring

Deep Well boring due to scarcity of water was a major challenge to security wing which has been controlled through effective and vigilant patrolling.