Procedure for Transfer


  1. The application form should be carefully and correctly filled in and necessary information given therein.
  2. Incorrect information given in the application will render the allotment liable to cancellation and subject to
    delay in the processing of case.
  3. The following documents are required to be attached with the application:
    i) Three Fresh Passport size coloured Photographs attested (One from Front and Two from Back side) of the
    Transferor and the Transferee each.
    ii) Original payment receipt of transfer fee.
    iii) Original Provisional and Final Allotment Letters/Transfer Letter and Certificate (in case of second
    iv) Photocopy of the CNIC of the Officer attesting the certificate/signatures of the transferee.
    v) Indemnity bond on Rs. 30/= stamp paper as per specimen enclosed, both from the Seller and the
    vi) Attested and Clear photocopies of CNIC of the Purchaser, Seller and Witnesses.
    vii) Attested copy of Sale Agreement along with deposit slip of Capital Value Tax (CVT) @ 4% in NBP/SBP of
    the recorded value or Rs. 100/= per sq. yds. which ever is higher (For Commercial Plots and Residential
    Plots of 500 Sq. Yds or more) and 4% of the recorded value or Rs. 100/= per Sq. Ft in case of Flats of C/D/E
    viii) Transfer fee receipt of Rs. 2000/= (including Form fee Rs.100/- and Processing fee Rs.500/-) deposited in
    the Askari Bank Limited.
  4. In case, due to any reason the request of the Transferor is not acceded to the amount of Transfer Fee will be
    refunded only to the party who deposited it.
  5. The application once filed will not be withdrawn without the consent of both the parties in writing.
  6. The proposed Transferee should satisfy himself in his own interest before submitting the application that all the
    dues have been paid by the Transferor, requisite documents attached and application form properly and
    correctly filled in.
  7. The Certificate and Application/Declaration by the Transferee should be attested by a Gazzetted Officer not
    below BPS-17.
  8. Transfer application complete in all respect should be presented to the Admitting Officer.
  9. Transfer case will be entertained on all working days from 09:00 a.m. to 02:00 p.m.
  10. Incomplete application shall not be accepted.
  11. The Transfer Fee shall be deposited at the rate of Rs. 250/= per sq. yds. The schedule is given below as required
    for different categories of Plots.
(If admitting on same day)
1.Phase-III (QAU)60’x100′Rs. 166,750/=Rs. 45,000/=
2.Phase-III & Phase-IV50’x90′Rs. 125,000/=Rs. 42,000/=
3.Phase-III, Phase-III (QAU) & Phase-IV40’x80′Rs. 89,000/=Rs. 35,000/=
4.Phase-III & Phase-IV35’x70′Rs. 68,000/=Rs. 30,000/=
5.Phase-III (QAU)30’x70′Rs. 58,250/=Rs. 28,000/=
6.Phase-III & Phase-IV30’x60′Rs. 50,000/=Rs. 25,000/=
7.Phase-III (QAU)25’x50′Rs. 34,750/=Rs. 23,000/=
8.Phase-III & Phase-IV25’x40′Rs. 27,777/=Rs. 20,000/=
9.Phase-V    (C-TYPE Flat) 1100 Sq. Ft.Rs. 68,000/=Rs. 30,000/=
10.Phase-V    (D-TYPE Flat) 900 Sq. Ft.Rs. 50,000/=Rs. 28,000/=
11.Phase-V    (E-TYPE Flat) 700 Sq. Ft.Rs. 27,777/=Rs. 25,000/=