Lifestyle Residency (FGEHA) Bedian Road, Lahore

Description:- The Project of Lifestyle Residency Apartments was advertised in December 2019. The land has been transferred in the name of FGEHA and 1258 No’s of Apartments are planned for FG Employees on approximately 75 kanals of land located adjacent to Rohi Nala Road near village Thethar Lahore. The access to the Apartments project will be through Rohi Nala Road and a Bridge will be constructed on Hudaira Drain connecting the project site. The detail of the Apartments category wise are as below:

S.# Type of Apartments Area of Apartments (i/c circulation) No. of Apartments POL Issued
1 A-Type (BPS 20-22) 2162 Sft 473138
2 B-Type (BPS 16-19) 1437 Sft 399480
3 C-Type (BPS 1-15) 1167 Sft 386135
Total 1258753

Current Status: The scheme has been formally launched by the Honorable Prime Minister on 11-03-2020. The construction agreement has been signed on 13-03-2020, Excavation works are started where the excavation of Towers 3 & 4 has been completed.