The Housing Scheme Phase-III of the Housing Authority was launched in 1996 in sector G-13, G-14/4 Islamabad. The sector was acquired through Land Acquisition Collector (LAC) under LAC act 1894. Initial development was awarded by CDA to FWO. As per PC-I approved at that time, the maintenance work of the said sector was to be carried out by CDA. Later on, in March 2015, in compliance of Wafaqi Mohtasib findings, all Infrastructure development work and maintenance work is being carried out by the HA. Total No.of plots are 6695.

Current Status / Progress / Development / Update

FGE Housing Authority undertook Rehabilitation & Infrastructure Development works of Sector G-13, Islamabad in 2016. Almost 90% of the said works has been completed and street light’s works is in progress which is expected to complete within next few months.