PHASE-VI (Bhara Kahu Housing Scheme & namely ‘SKY GARDEN’)

The Sky Garden Housing Scheme (previously named as Green Enclave-II) of FGEHA is launched for the registered members of Membership Drive, Phase-I on “First Come First Serve” basis. For this housing scheme FGEHA started acquisition process of 6932 Kanals of land under Land Acquisition Act, 1984. The notification under Section-IV was issued on 28.05.2014.

The FGEHA with the approval of its Executive Committee issued Consent letter of Green Enclave-II to the members of Membership Drive-I in 2016. The detail of Consent letters issued is as under:

CategoryNo. of Consent Letters issued
  • However, the notification of 6932 Kanal of land was subsequently cancelled by the Ministry of Interior. Hence, FGEHA went into JV agreement with M/s International Center of Services Exchange (ICSE) on 19-02-2018 for 10,000 Kanal of Land at Mouza Mangal and Kathar. But the JV partner failed to provide land within time schedule agreed in Joint Venture agreement. However, the said agreement was cancelled with the approval of Executive Board of FGEHA and a new JV agreement was signed with M/s Commoners Sky Garden on 11-10-2019. M/s Commoners Sky Garden mutated 6000 Kanal of land in favor of FGEHA. The layout plan of the scheme has been finalized and approved. As per approved LOP, the detail of available plots is as under, however ,presently only 1900 Kanal of land is clear for allotment in Mouza Kattar .In Mouza Mengal there is an issue of Shamlat which is under litigation .Hence available plot are as under:
Size of PlotQuota of plots of FGEHA (70%)Quota of plots of CSG (30%)Total
  •             As per JV agreement signed between FGEHA and M/s Commoners Sky Garden, 70% of the total available plot comes under the quota of FGEHA and 30% plots reserved for Commoners Sky Garden.
  •             The process of issuance of Provisional Offer Letter have been started and so far Provisional Offer Letters (POLs) have been issued in Cat-I& Cat-II under FG Serving quota. The remaining POLs will be issued in due course of time.

Current Status:-

The Joint Venture (JV) Agreement between Federal Government Employees Housing Authority (FGEHA) and M/s Commoners Sky Garden (CSG) was signed on October 11, 2019 for provision of land measuring upto 11,000 Kanals in two phases. Accordingly, in first phase land measuring 6021 Kanals and 6 Marlas was mutated in the name of FGEHA: 1933 Kanals 13 Marlas was in Mouza Kathar and 4086 Kanals 11 Marlas was in Mouza Mangal.

The Executive Board, FGEHA decided that the project would be restricted to land in Mouza Kathar only. Accordingly, the addendum to JV Agreement was signed, between FGEHA and M/s CSG with scope of the project reduced to land in Mouza Kathar only.LOP was revised, vetted and conditionally approved. Construction agreement on the clear land in Mouza Kathar measuring 2403 K is under process for approval by EB FGEHA and development work will commence accordingly.