Development Works Of G-13 & G-14/4

Water Works Progress

S.NoSectorWorks DetailsStatus/Progress
1G-13Two days water supply through distribution services to Sector G-13 has been Started100% completed
2G-13Storage of water through water tankers from G-14/F-14 to Bani Chowk underground tanks100% completed
3 G-14/4 Underground water tank capacity 0.2 (MGD)100% completed
4 G-14/4 Connectivity with main Distribution System100% completed
5 G-14/4 260 water connections100% completed
6 G-14/4 Gate Valves installed in Phase-l
100% completed
7 G-14/4 Trial water supply through distribution Phase-l (Sheet No. 1-25) carried out in coordination with residents100% completed
October 2021 progress


SNoSub -SectorWork Area Status/Progress
1G-13/2Hill Park98% completed
2 G-13/2 Park No 5 Double Road 95% completed
3 G-13/2 Park No 6 Street No 57 98% completed
4 G-13/4 Park No 1070% completed
5 G-13/4 Park No 11 Street No13798% completed
6 G-13/4 park No 12 Street No 15235% completed
October 2021 Progress

Play Grounds

S.NOSub-sectorWork AreaStatus/Progress
1G-13/1Model Play Ground Street. No 78100% completed
2G-13/2Play Ground No2 Cricket Ground Street No 40 100% completed
3G-13/4 Play Ground No2 Foot ball Ground Street No 4 40% completed
4 G-13/3 Play Ground No 4 Street No 159 30% completed
October 2021 Progress