F-12/G-12 Scheme Current Update

Advertisement of F-12/G-12

F-12 & G-12 Scheme was launched on 27-08-2023 for General Public and Overseas Pakistanis with last date for apply was 10-10-2023. Summary of the applicants who applied in General Public and Overseas Pakistanis is as under:

Quota500 SQY356 SQY272 SQY200 SQY139 SQYTotal
General Public35792426658046931176429,042
Overseas Pakistanis2594155927131824248911,179

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Decision of Executive Board

The EB directed in its 30th meeting held on 30 November 2023 as under:

            “F-12/G-12 Scheme be re-evaluated technically, financially & legally. Consequently, approval may be sought from the Executive Board to re-launch the said scheme. A fresh advertisement to be placed in newspapers indicating new cost, conditions and quota and existing applicants may be given and option for refund.”

Current Update

  • M/S NESPAK has been selected as a consultant for F-12/G-12.
  • Layout Plan (LOP) & assessment of built-up properties (BUPs) are under process.
  • After the finalization of LOP & assessment of BUPs, the revised cost of plots shall be placed before the Executive Board for approval.
  • Fresh advertisement with revised cost of plots shall be published in newspapers after approval from the Executive Board.
  • Applicants who applied for F-12/G-12 before the closing date 10-10-2023 shall be included in the balloting after a fresh advertisement with revised cost.