Rehabilitation of G-13

Dated: July 2022
Location: G-13

Ground Water recharge research was implemented in collaboration with FGEHA with PCRWR, which gave successful results to raise the underground water tables.
Groundwater recharge at sector G-13 Green Belt site between G-13 & F-13 Eastern corner near Tube Well. The site is successfully recharging Groundwater with very clean filtered water through Sand Media.

Dated: July 2022
Location: G-13
Cleaning of Drains

Dated: 17/02/2022
Location: G-13 & G-14/4
DTW Measurement of piezometers and Monitoring of development works at rainwater harvesting sites is in progress in collaboration with PCRWR Ministry of Science and Technology.

Rehabilitation and Development Work

Rehabilitation and Development Work at Class III shopping center No 05 G-13/3

Development Work of Mauve Area, Sector G-13/4

Development work of Play ground G-13/4 October 2021

Fumigation and dengue spray October 2021

September – 2021